How to write a blues song

How to write a blues song, How to write a blues song the blues is an american musical genre borne out of hard times and the essence of writing your own blues song lies within relating your.

The blues may look and sound simple, but it takes feeling, a gift for wordplay, and an understanding of the rules to write a good blues tune.

How can the answer be improved. These are directions and inspiration to help you write a blues song writing a blues song is a magical experience blues songs are fun to write and give you an. Well sit back and listen gonna teach you how to write the blues well sit back and listen gonna teach you how to write the blues and before this song is over.

4 the blues are not about choice you stuck in a ditch, you stuck in a ditch ain't no way out 5 blues cars: chevys and cadillacs and broken-down trucks blues don't travel in volvos, bmws or sport utility vehicles most blues transportation is a greyhound bus or a southbound train jet aircraft an' state-sponsored motor pools ain't even in the running. 1 blues lyrics, in addition to often following the aab blues format, frequently tell a story this exercise encourages students to consider the storytelling feature of the blues while allowing them to write their own blues song in aab blues format start by playing bb king's three o'clock blues discuss the story in the song.

Writing blues lyrics handout 1 choose a topic that reflects the mood of the blues 2 follow the formula below for the four lines of each verse of a blues song. Lesson 1: how to write a blues song schema the first stage in this lesson is to help students create schema or background about blues music a great place to begin.

How to write a blues song
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